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It is a traditional Indian smokeless tobacco product that has been prevalent over the centuries, being equally popular in the present era as well. We mainly provides Smokeless Tobacco Zarda and Non Smoking Tobacco Zarda. Zarda has a special method of usage in which the user prepares the tobacco by mixing it with lime in the palm and only then puts it in the mouth to relish its ecstatic pleasure. TRDP Zarda products come in attractive packages ranging from 8gms to 25 gms. Their varieties are –

i) Ganesh 701 Zarda

Ganesh 701 Zarda is one of the oldest products from the house of TRDP. An excellent tobacco stuff that it is, has earned much reputation for the effect it leaves on the user. It comes in flavoured with Pan Masala. Undoubtedly a perfect mode of relaxation & an apt mood enhancer, it comes in various flavors. Prepared under complete hygienic conditions, its production is done with apposite knowledge of ingredients and skilled guidance of experts. Ganesh 701 Zarda ensures a rich and delightful experience when consumed, which lingers on for quite some time. This product comes in a package made of Craft Poly Papers that preserves its freshness and essence till the last bit.
  • It is one of the oldest product from the house of TRDP Group.
  • Developed on the connect of traditional form on smokeless tobacco, it is excellence tobacco stuff
  • Available in spicy flavors it is a perfect redaction & an spit mood enhancer
  • Lime has to be mixed in it with the few of finger making the tobacco preparation more strong according to one's wish
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ii) Ganesh 701 Zipper

Tobacco leaves given a unique processing makes for the superb Ganesh 701 Zipper. Seasoned with a predominant use of clove the product has an exquisite flavor to it. This makes it interestingly different from other tobacco products. The pack comes with free lime which when blended with the specially treated tobacco leaves becomes a perfect way to enjoy tobacco. As the name suggests, the exotic & exclusive product of Ganesh 701 Zipper comes in an unique and attractive fastening package that keeps its fantastic aroma and taste intact.
  • It contains uniquely processed tobacco leaves
  • Sanctioned with predominant use of cloves it has a refreshing flavor
  • This pack comes with free lime, which when blended with specially treated tobacco leaves makes a perfect may to enjoy smokeless tobacco
  • It comes in fortuning package that this fantastic aroma and taste locked inside
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iii) TRDP Double Gold Yellow Leaf Tobacco

Every kind of tobacco leaf has its own, distinct aroma and taste to give you a high quality experience. A delight for every zarda lover, the Double Gold Yellow Leaf tobacco is manufactured with hand-picked special Calcutti yellow patti tobacco blend. A purely contemporary product it gives you an enriched, soul-soothing non-smoking tobacco experience. The natural flavours and herbs add to its exquisite taste. The tobacco leaves used are healthier in this tobacco than in other tobaccos available otherwise.
  • Manufactured with special calcutti yellow tobacco blend
  • A contemporary product for an enriched and soul-soothing non-smoking tobacco experience
  • Prepared with natural flavors and herbs it gives an exquisite taste
  • Tobacco leaves used one more health-friendly and taster than other leave
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Tej Ram Dharam Pal